There are, as some of you are aware, many organisations similar to BLCDF in Uganda. So, what makes BLCDF different you may wonder? BLCDF believe there are five primary points of difference.  

  1. We strive to keep children with their families (whether that is a parent, aunt, uncle, or grandparent) and in their communities. We do this so that each child will be with a loved one and will be able to take what they learn at their ‘care point’ and spread it to those around them.
  1. We focus on the child’s academic life. We do this by supporting the Foundation’s children to attend school by helping with school fees and their uniforms. In Term 1, 2023 we opened a private school for the Foundation’s Kindergarten and Primary children to attend: Agape Star Christian School (ASCS) Kindergarten and Primary Campus. Our prayer is that in time we can also add a Secondary campus. The ASCS also enables children from the local rural village and surrounding area, to attend the school for a small fee, as they otherwise would not have access to a quality nearby school. 
  1. Children are given much more personalised care due to the lower child-to-teacher ratio, compared to if they attended a government school. Our teachers check in on their group of children very regularly and have a continuous growing relationship with the child. They even do child home visits to know exactly what each individual child’s family and home life look like and what their biggest needs are.
  1. The award of annual scholarships by a donor family is also a way that a BLCDF child receives more care. We are thankful to donor families from across Australia and New Zealand who provide a scholarship for a child. So far in 2023, 16 scholarships have been awarded. It is our prayer that the number of scholarships awarded can increase as more donor families come on board with the vision and direction of ASCS: for the love of God compels us (2 Corinthians 5:14)
  1. The children under the care of the BLCDF are orphaned, AIDS affected, or vulnerable children. Many organisations solely focus on children that are orphaned. At BLCDF, we hope to help children in all vulnerable states. 

Here at BLCDF, we try to do all things as God and as the Bible would instruct us to do. We long to help the widow and the orphan and those in need. But we can’t do it alone. We need God’s help, and we need your help! Thank you for continuing to uplift the Foundation and the School in your prayers and for your support as a monthly donor or as a donor family for a scholarship. We are so very grateful. 

You can follow the building of the school and see photos of the children who have started with ASCS in Term 1 by visiting our Pinterest Board: 

Steven Wamala Founder and CEO