Barnabas Legacy Children’s Dream Foundation.

The BLCD Foundation is a legally registered Ugandan Not for Profit Organisation.

BLCDF is a Christian Child Care Ministry that looks after 250+ vulnerable, orphaned and needy children in Katunda Village, Jinja, Kampala. 

The Foundation was founded in 2013 by Pastor Steven Wamala and a team from Katunda Pentocostal AOG, Buikwe District, located in Katunda Village.

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                  Picture drawn by Ivan 

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The school land was purchased in 2021. In 2022 there were two building phases. Agape Star Christian School (Primary Campus) opened on 6 February 2023. 

It was amazing in 2021 to be able to raise $5,000AU to purchase the land for the Agape Star Community School. In 2022 $50,000AU was raised to build the Primary School campus which opened for Term 1, February 2023. Thank you to our generous donors.

We would love you to join in partnering with us to continue to build the School – the Secondary School campus and boarding facilities plus school operational costs. Every small amount is a blessing to the 250+ children we are serving and supporting through the Barnabas Legacy Children’s Dream Foundation.

Our school scripture is Psalm 143:8:

‘Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you, I entrust my life’.

What We Do

The purpose of BLCDF is to share Christ with the children, and while in the Foundation’s care, to mould them into biblically and academically educated members of our future society and to champion them in the dream God has put in their heart. 

The ONE who created the STARS, who calls them all by NAME (Isaiah 40:26); so too the children of BLCDF, the Lord knows each by name. Every child is so precious in the sight of the Lord. Every child created by the Father with a DREAM in their heart. Every child a ‘STAR’ in the eyes of the Lord.

Our Story

The seeds for BLCDF were planted in 2013 by Pastor Wamala Steven, when God burdened his heart with the vulnerable, orphaned and neglected children living in his village. Steven took this burden and vision to his Church community (Katunda Pentocostal AOG, Buikwe District) and asked for their support and prayer to turn the vision into reality. Subsequently, he founded God’s Vine International, which Steven and his team faithfully ran for 7 years. 

In early 2020, God’s Vine International was restructured into a legally registered Ugandan Not for Profit Organisation and renamed Barnabas Legacy Children’s Dream Foundation.  Steven and the Foundation’s team partnered with Women ECHO Him Collective’s Founder Maree Cutler-Naroba (based in Australia) to strengthen and build the organisation further.  

Your Donations Matter!

BLCDF needs are divided into four Project Categories: LEARN, GROW, PLAY AND BUILD.  Within each Project Category there are different items, equipment and packages that Supporters can donate to. 


Project Learn involves being able to support the learning needs of the children to help them develop academically and spiritually. 

Project funds are used for school fees, scholastic materials (such as books and stationery), spiritual materials (for example, Bible and Bible devotions), and other resources like songbooks and musical instruments. 


Project Grow supports the children’s physical needs in their care home (children are looked after by extended family/siblings/families willing to be carers).

Project funds are used for items such as food staples packages, knitted hats, clothing, shoes, bedsheets, pillows and pillowcases, soap and blankets.


Project Play focuses on items and equipment that can develop the children’s love and engagement with play.  

BLCDF would love your financial support for items such as jigsaw puzzles, children’s soft toys/dolls, footballs, dance outfits, play equipment (like a swing) and educational toys/games. 


Thank you Supporters for your generous donations and your heart of care and kindness. The Foundation is committed to championing the lives of the children under its care and seeing the DREAMS of the children come to fruition. All money donated goes directly to the Project of the Donors choice. 


Project Build involves being able to build a permanent Children’s Home and Office for Barnabas Legacy. This project will take a few years and is a big dream of the Foundation members and the children too!

We are believing God for the big things! As we do the possible He will do the impossible (Matthew 19:26).

If you feel God putting on your heart to support Project Build please send us a message for further details.

In Uganda, Orphanages are not legal; instead orphaned children are cared for by extended family and other families willing to be carers, under a registered Child Care Organisation. The organisation can also care for the children in a Children’s Care Home/Centre; in the school holidays the children are cared for in families among the community they live in. 

BLCDF have a dream to build DREAM STAR CHILDREN’S CARE CENTRE in Katunda Village, so that it can provide much needed nurture and care for the orphaned children. 

Father of the fatherless and protector of widows is God in His holy habitation. Psalm 68:5.

There is none like our God, Not one child, not one widow does our God forget. Nestled in the heart of the Father are the children and widows that others would ignore, but God does not.

We serve a mighty, awesome and holy God. It is a privilege for the Barnabas Legacy Children’s Dream Foundation and the Katunda PAOG Deborah Women in Business Collective to sow into the lives of the neglected and abused children, orphans and widows of Katunda Village, Jinja, Kampala, Uganda

10% of the Donations to the Foundation are sown in LOVE to provide extra care and support for the older vulnerable widows of Katunda Village, who are not able to move around easily and have become dependent on others for their physical care. Care Packages are given to the widows containing items such as sugar, tea, soap and blankets. 

Become a Volunteer Today

Please email if you would like to support BLCDF in a volunteer capacity, not only by being part of a visiting team, but in other areas of support as well, such as social media/blog posts or hosting fundraising events or joining our Knit/Crochet/Sew 4 Katunda Kids Klub.


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Bridges Church (New Zealand): 'Creative Genuis' Women's Sewing Group

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Psalm 143:8: ‘Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you, I entrust my life'. In Uganda, children travel many miles by foot to get to a quality school! That time they spend walking is...



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