BLCDF has several community outreaches in its annual programs. In late July and all through Early August; phase 2 of the FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT Children’s Bible Program 2021 has just wrapped up for most of our other activities (homeschooling program, giving out of clothing items, and preparations for women’s mini forum) by the Mighty Deborahs — and what a wonderful outreach they were! 

Our BLCDF team gathered Wednesday’s – Saturday’s for three weeks and reached six different neighborhoods in this quarter. 

Each day, we got to connect with our Foundation’s children, women and community families we’ve known for years in these areas and also met new children every day. We brought sweets, snacks, played games and got to know the kids who came out every day, then sat down to attend to our Foundation’s activities.

At the beginning of each program – each day, we jumped into devotion & songs time – our songs were local gospel praises and worship (at least two each morning).

Next up was a local story skit: we taught the story and developed a local skit in line with the day’s chapter of learning. Then we shared a Bible verse teaching—each verse centered on the theme of the Fruits of the HOLY SPIRIT

During the Bible lesson section of each chapter, we taught through using several Bible examples each week, starting with Creation, highlighting God’s rescue plan through the Old Testament and the stories of Noah, Abraham, Moses and David, and ending with the life, death, resurrection and return of Jesus. 

Each day’s program always ended with a review game, as well as an invitation and opportunity for children to be counseled. We had many children pray to receive Jesus as their Rescuer. 

We are so thankful for what God is doing! Our team worked (and will continue) so hard this time and we are so proud of each and every one of them.

Check out the photo gallery from the website below!

Thank you!

Blessings XX