BIG NEWS: Barnabas Legacy Children’s Dream Foundation is pleased to announce that we are progressing with our work in partnership with our Australian-based Director Maree Cutler-Naroba (, Mighty Deborahs (, plus other Australia and New Zealand family and friends for now over a year!  

When I founded BLCDF (which was originally called God’s Vine) in 2012, I had a drive to leave no vulnerable child and woman behind; to be the voice of the unheard, to shed light on shadows. I was compelled and driven by my mission to make a long-lasting difference (LEGACY) in this world.

Everything became very hard, but along the way and after about 7 years, I was rewarded with some wonderful encounters of people who wanted to partner with me and my team to see this mission go further. On a personal note, I want to thank you that you have trusted me, gone the extra mile with me and believed in the mission to be a voice and a practical support for the vulnerable children and women of the Katunda Village area and surrounding villages (Jija, Uganda).

Some of you (your churches and your families) have raised funds, donated, and I trust, in time, you will also be able visit us here in Uganda. Thanks to all of your support, we have grown as a family and I am so deeply touched by your trust and resilience to stand by the Barnabas Legacy Children’s Dream Foundation and Deborah Women in Business Collective – KPAOG Uganda Chapter family in challenging times. We have had tears of joy, of pain, of hope, of helplessness. But never have I or the team stopped!

A special shout out to Maree & Tevita Family, Sue Family, Cambridge Church Family, St. James Anglican Church Kunurrura, Skeen Family, Market Me Family, Mighty Deborahs – Australia, Cambridge Sewing Mighty Ladies, KPAOG ladies, Local Church, Community Leaders (Katunda, Ndhooya, Bulangira, Kanonko, Buundo, Buuma and Kibuuku), Volunteers, my teachers (Sarah, Stanley and the group), Outreaches brothers and sisters and so many others for unfailingly always being here and there, very solid and for opening doors to and bringing to reality what sprung out of me many years ago. I certainly have not mentioned you all, but you know who you are and GOD knows you all.

A key element: all of the BLCDF Uganda team members have been volunteers over the years. NONE of us receives a salary (except a small monthly honarium payment given to our project volunteer leaders, which we, praise God, have been able to start from late 2020, from the sales income generated through the DWIBC women’s projects) and 100% of any donations are geared towards the projects of the Foundation.

After many tears, doubts, joys, surprises… I am so proud to announce that we are progressing each day and I can say “we have broken through”. A dream made possible; thanks to again, in particular, to 2 beautiful souls, Maree and Tevita!! 

Onwards and upwards people, we are simply humans helping humans, because beyond boundaries, there’s one commonality, LOVE. By the grace of God, we shall keep being dedicated to addressing the needs of local communities in the remote and forgotten parts of Uganda.

“I want us to continually give a voice to those who struggle to be heard, by speaking out and standing up for what’s right”. 

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man it is impossible, but not with God. For all things are possible with God.” – Luke 18:27


Please also take the time to look at our Photo Gallery to see the work that the Foundation has been doing with the children and women. 

We have also recently added some further designs from our children’s freehand drawings to our Red Bubble Store: 

With love, blessings and best regards

Steven Wamala 

BLCDF Founder and Foundation Lead