Mama Queen & Mama Karen’s first time in Uganda

In 2022, Mama Queen – said yes (after about 5 years as Chair of BLCDF and Co-Founder Agape Star Christian School) to an opportunity of visiting the Foundation and its School for its official opening and launching. It was a joyous moment that caused a lot of changes in everything about the vision. She was escorted by Mama Karen on 10th June 2023.

As you can imagine, no amount of preparation could have prepared them for Uganda’s culture shock comprised of power outages, water issues, bumpy roads, unstable internet connection and lost in translations moments. Etc. But they quickly learned the greatest culture shock they were experiencing wasn’t in external circumstances but in their own hearts. 

In Uganda, people matter more than things. And, practically, having a more simple life (fewer things!) made it easier to make time for others. Friends became like family because they made time for them and generally had fewer distractions. 

As wonderful mothers, they both played a role in ensuring students received excellent teaching each time they were at the Agape School. They told dozens of stories of their life experiences to members and profoundly impacted the church, school teachers and children at the school.

The local team led by the CEO Steven Wamala felt so privileged that God would allow an Australian team led by Mama Maree to be a part of something that is changing lives in a very tangible way. With tears in her eyes, Mama Queen shared how proud she was of the school building and all the progress that was going on. Her speech was an inspiration to many members.

We wish you could be part of this move, and join so many others whose resilience and positive attitudes despite difficult circumstances are truly inspiring.

We are so excited and will continue to lock arms with you all for the good of the school and the Foundation. We are also so grateful for the prayers, encouragement, and generosity of supporters and donors, without you, these stories don’t get told. 

Our hope is as the scope of impact increases, the heart of children’s ministry would always be the same. We hope more and more people can hear about the amazing work happening at BLCDF/Agape in the Name of Jesus. We are so proud to be a part of it!

In His service. 

Steven Wamala

Founder BLCDF