A few years ago, God moved me to start thinking about a way of spreading the love of Christ to ladies and children in my local community through an initiative. And by the Grace of God, just after another few years, I got connected to Maree Cutler Naroba (based in Australia) and was touched by her life of Glory (she allowed herself to be moved by Jesus Christ). We decided to get together and restructure the vision of Barnabas Legacy Children’s Dream Foundation, as it stands, up to this point.

Thanks to a divinely orchestrated partnership, a family in New Zealand was inspired to support our vision in 2022. This support led to the establishment of a nursery and primary school in Namatovu Village, Uganda, under the foundation. Despite the challenges, we have persevered with God’s guidance, and today, the Foundation, Deborah Women projects, and Agape Star Christian Nursery and Primary School stand as a testament to our collective efforts.

This is God’s love that compels us.

Our Board members have loved the Foundation and have kept the pace for what it takes to sustain the vision “as their own child”, what a perfect picture of selflessness. This legacy was started a couple of years ago all because I, Maree, and a group of women/families from Australia and New Zealand (and so many other Mighty Deborahs along the way) allowed themselves to be used by the Heavenly Father.

What are we doing to continue the lasting legacies of God’s Love?

We are excited to offer children an Education through our Foundation school, support women in micro-businesses, continue raising our Foundation children in God-given measures, and help them realise their divine potential. We are currently constructing the dining shade and kitchen area. We have 202 students and are on a campaign to raise some more structures for the school dorms so we can house some children. We need playing swings and a school bus. Our women’s projects’ proceeds contribute towards a few costs at school. 

We are deeply grateful for your support and for being part of our journey. Together, we can continue to make a lasting impact and difference in the lives of these children and women.


Wamala Steven

Founder BLCDF