Living out the passion for all we do.

Passion; is simple and yet very powerful. It involves doing everything full of the Spirit, Heart and Emotion. It’s been said, “one person with passion is better than Forty people merely interested”.

At Barnabas Legacy Children’s Dream Foundation (BLCDF), passion isn’t just a goal or something we strive for; it is one of our core values. It is who we are, not just how we do things! We form a group of Children (under the Foundation’s Care), Single Mothers, Older Mamas, Widows and other categories of both Church and non-Church community women. We are a team of wholeheartedly committed ladies and children who are always very much willing to dedicate ourselves to doing all we can so as to accomplish the mission we believe God has established for BLCDF. We are on fire about our Vision and are so excited to have you join us.

We are comprised of an international team from NZ and AU. Our Australia-based Director has fully dedicated herself to coordinating the BLCDF team overseas. The NZ team has all through April completed sewing of Children’s items and finished several box postings of items to Uganda. What a Joy to the children!! Proud of you Mighty Ladies!!

The BLCDF local team on the ground is also committed, persistent, and never give up; free to smile, laugh and cry. They are never sold out, for purposes of abandoning the Deborah Women in Business Collective – Katunda Chapter Activities. Since Mid-March, and all through April; they have selflessly sacrificed to participate in a number of DWIB C gardening activities. Did planting of soya beans, Maize, Beans, Herbs and Spices and Ground Nuts. A specific group has been selected to participate in the sewing project under the leadership of Proscovia. Sponsored children are so grateful; and continue enjoying the fruits of support from two families so far. 

At BLCDF, passion is lived out in a variety of ways, personalities and expressions. Modelling passion is one of our deepest hopes as BLCDF staff, board, and team members. Whatever we do, we will do it with all of our heart. 

We will be men and women of passion!!