This has been a season of loss and gain, of saying goodbye and new beginnings. As most of you know, 2020 began with a mad rush to the states of being hit with coronavirus, and everyone has been struggling for the past 2 years. I thank God it is never too late but the Lord in His perfect timing is making the situation stable. Our children have gone back to school though we can only sponsor a few. We are also strongly working on the idea of having the Foundation’s Agape Star Community School established. How exciting is that? 

Time has a way of rolling right along. In the past two years, it has been hard but we are now entering into a season for the celebration of new beginnings. The start of a new journey with more children getting into the Scholarship program and the construction of the community school that will accommodate all our children. 

I visited children in the sponsorship program. I took class trips to each one of them in their respective schools. They are catching up and grasping the content. Benitah is an athlete currently participating in her school. Pauline is silent but good at expressing herself via writing and calculations. Peter is a talented footballer and Farouk amongst others – takes up leadership roles in his class. I spend time with all children, building new stronger relationships and loving old ones. 

As I visited our children, I realised this will mark a greater impact on the lives of our children once the Foundation’s school is established. I began to think of what we have accomplished and the children we have reached out to, loved; and all the support that comes in; and of His steadfast love and faithfulness. At that moment I did something. I prayed “God make me more appreciative and more grateful for who and what we have”. I was and am completely sincere but, I remember a similar prayer “give me patience”. I have a feeling this is going to be a season of pruning and growth. A season in which God is doing wonders! Many prayers are needed!!

Moving forward


You’ve heard the quote “time and tide stands still for no man” We waste no time. We are active.

We have had a lot of ongoing activities, especially for the women since the year began. The cookery project is ongoing. Sewing and Crocheting are amongst the many activities ladies commit to – every week. In November 2021, we set up a tomato garden and it has been a great joy harvesting this March. We have been able to pay for a security guard and volunteer payments. We have also been able to put back part of the money into running the gardening work. Our business stall is active with one of the ladies attending to it 3 days in a week. 

On the other hand, we have been diligently working on having the school construction begin by April this year. We have had the drawings done and the plans ready with budgeting costings discussed. Our ladies are starting a prayer group with local pastors’ wives. They will be meeting weekly to pray for the foundation, the school set up, churches, the country, its leaders, the justice system, the health system, families, and themselves. The power of women who pray. This next month we are going to begin some simple jewelery classes with these other ladies just to gauge their interest and aptitude in the community. We will also start prayer walks around the community where we shall be building. 

This is a two-fold effort: 1. To become familiar in the neighborhood and familiar with the neighbors. 2. To pray for the land, the community, and the people living in the community and for all the friends who will be joining us. God always draws a crowd, and we can begin to introduce them to a God they have never known yet either.

Transitions and Trials  

So I prayed that prayer, “make me more appreciative, more grateful”, and as soon as the words rolled off my tongue I knew what I had done. I immediately followed it up with “but I don’t want to lose everything to get there.” I have been a follower long enough to know that gold only comes after fire and growth requires pruning. So far on this road to appreciation we have trusted God and with much gratitude – for the provision in running the foundation’s activities and establishing the school, I have personally had to abandon my professional jobs, I have had to use all I have at times had to see things progress, I have cried and cried; we have at some points been stranded but very appreciative. 

God has been with us all through providing in the possible ways that glorify his Name and we so far have done quite a number of things for the foundation’s children and women. God has helped us so greatly, as a foundation. I won’t say it has been a very peaceful, restful move but I am grateful. He has worked everything out for our good and in His time. He has done great things!! Mighty Things is He doing – as yet!!!


Wamala Steven 
Founder BLCDF