When we first started out on the Vision of Barnabas Legacy Children’s Dream Foundation and the idea of the establishment of Agape Star Christian School, it was a dream I had towards the welfare of underprivileged children with a purpose to share the love of Jesus with them and specifically for those living in the community of Buikwe (Katunda).

I had first started way back and everything was so huge for me. When Maree (Mama Queen) came in connection with the Vision. I had to talk with three Christian elder friends about the idea and hoped to gain their support and prayer. They all sat around a big table, looking very stern and powerful.

I was a young, inexperienced, twenty-five-year-old nobody coming to share with these mature, godly men about the clear, direct vision God had given me years back and about the mutual connection and of how I had to take a giant leap of faith. I proposed to them that we could get some other people from Church to help in the walk with this vision.

After my explanation, the men told me I was too young and didn’t know how to start and even, had no experience. “You could bring harm to the cause of Christ. Give the ideas it will cost to the matured people already in the system, and they can make much better use of them than you young people ever will,” they seriously said.

They ended the meeting by asking me to reconsider my plan. I walked out of there deflated and discouraged. After an hour or two of feeling rejected and depressed, I had the distinct sense that God wanted me to keep moving forward with the vision he had given me. Within a few months, God miraculously sorted out all the confusion and provided all the primary forms of support one would need from just one connection of Maree, who had the very vision, and here we are on our way to greatness in the lives of Children, women and to even men!

In our three months as friends in the Vision, we got a lot of developments and our communication flow became thorough. A number of essential items in the vision like printers, laptops, office place, hiring of farm land, garden tools and seeds among others were obtained. We kept on progressing from chat and zoom discussions to tangible things.  We can now see what everyone appreciates today! Unwavering faith to keep going forward despite obstacles and opposition is what God wants for all of us.

When you take steps of unwavering faith, there will always be people who will discourage and criticise you, but God wants you to keep pressing ahead, pursuing ventures that will bring glory to him. 

Often times in life there is something we feel compelled to do but we hesitate because the obstacles seem too challenging. Many of us would like to do something about the millions of people living in abject poverty around the world. But the problem is so huge and it’s easy to get discouraged and believe that you can’t make much of a difference, so why bother? Sometimes there can be real hurdles preventing you from doing the very thing God has put on your heart.

But what if I had given a higher priority to what those serious, mature friends at the table told me, instead of the vision I knew was from the Lord? In this case, the many achievements we have so far obtained in a few years (like Agape Star Christian School, and its land) that are going to help hundreds and thousands of children for generations would not have been reached to.

So go ahead and take that first step of unwavering faith. It is okay if you are nervous. It is okay if the obstacles are real and challenging. If the Lord has willed it, He will make a way to accomplish it! Just as He is MAKING A WAY for the BLCDF vision.

Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” Isaiah 43:19 


Steven Wamala Founder and CEO