The Lord has done great things for us and we are glad ~ Psalm 126:3.

It has been a very promising, encouraging and fulfilling progress with our Foundation projects since 2021 started. God has indeed helped us all through, and He has provided. We are very glad that He has, and will continue to do mighty things. 

Renovation of a full Office building was completed and official dedication and opening done on March 7, 2021. Cakes were organized for both the dedication and International Women’s Day Celebrations.

Home Schooling Packages 2020 ‘Certificate’ celebrations across villages were distributed and thank you small gifts (shoes) and cards given to 5 teachers. 

Training of Old Mamas ready for business projects done, and projects ((chicken rearing and small vegetable gardens) resumed in Early March.

The Tailoring Project started in March. And for the start, two sewing machines and 4 sewing tables were purchased and very ready for use by the DWIB C ladies. Among other activities done was setting up of the Market stand – with an aim of doing savings and having payments for volunteers paid – for each Month and this has been possible!

We have been able to recruit a local Security guard for our offices whom we are always able to pay for each Month.

Upon reporting of Children in schools, the Children Education Sponsorship program was started on – with 7 children sponsored – and term one school fees already paid, stationery given and uniforms to be issued by the end of this March (around 30th March 2021). We shall continue Trusting God and praying for further sponsors.

Care Packages for additional 6 children were given out in Mid-March.

As we progress, we TRUST IN GOD for provisions for our BLCDF (Campus 1) Community School (planning and costings phase). We are already stepping out in Faith to start looking for suitable land. We Pray for God’s provision for this project (about $103,000 US)

We thank God for His Overwhelming Faithfulness, Mercy, Grace and for all that He has placed on our hearts so strongly to love and raise the children under BLCDF’s care, in the ways of the Lord; speaking and building into the dream and dreams that God has placed in their hearts. We shall remain steadfast and immovable, as we abound in the work of the Lord, knowing that our labor is not in vain. 

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Steven Wamala, BLCDF Founder