Reflecting on the past, it’s been nearly five years since we embarked on the Deborah women’s projects and almost a year (by June 15th, 2024) since we proudly inaugurated our Foundation school, dedicating it to our Heavenly Father. It’s also been about 12 months since our Australian-based friends and partners bid farewell to the red Ugandan soil and transitioned back to Australia, marking a significant milestone in our journey.

Around August 2025, we shall be blessed to have a time of re-connection with them, and this time with another team, as they will be checking on the school, building secondary school class blocks, doing seminars/teachings, checking on the women’s micro-business projects and have continued clarity on the next steps. Our Agape Star Christian School’s Co-founder and Co-Director, Barnabas Legacy Children’s Dream Foundation – Maree, will lead the wonderful team. Learn more about the trip here >>

As we pray and wait upon the Lord, we are looking forward to updating you on what will always be next for the organisation and school family. Please join us in praying that over the next months ahead, we will continue to have clarity on God’s direction for our future developments. We want to have many exciting ideas as a reality and have things finalised before the start of our next academic year, 2025.

Deep down, we have an expectation that when God calls us to something; then ultimately it will be successful according to the definition of His will. We are always not naïve enough to think there will never be issues or obstacles that will always arise along the way as we live out the calling. Yet we still think and believe that all will always work out in the end with a very nice confession – “it has been God all through”. We believe that God will always provide through all the trials while teaching us a thing or two about “Perseverance” or “Grace” or “Trust”, and then Victory at the end of it all.

When we think of this ministry and all that God has called us into, there would almost be nothing successful in the way we would have planned. There have been people we trusted they could help but certainly did not. There have been very many moves and initiatives in the community and across the country and around the world that were meant to last forever, and four years later they fizzled out. There is an internal wrestling match with this, “why us?”

One answer that comes to mind to this question is that God used all He could to bring us thus far. We should not minimise that, and we are GRATEFUL.

We are in the process of renewing our licensing period, and the legal procedures are nearing completion. This will enable us to operate for the next 5 years, in accordance with state policies. We are also delighted to share that we have obtained a school license and have been able to support over 30 children under the Foundation’s scholarship program this year. Our overseas and local teams have been tirelessly active, sometimes even working remotely and over time, for the well-being of Barnabas Legacy Children’s Dream Foundation. We are deeply grateful for their dedication and your unwavering support. It is through all of this that we recognise – it has been, and it still is – God’s guiding hand. We have countless reasons to celebrate in His NAME.

Our determination to serve remains unwavering. Just as Ezekiel (from the biblical scriptures) was called, we too have all been called. Not all of us are called into vocational ministry, but we are all called to proclaim the gospel and make disciples. We can live out that calling in every aspect of our lives, whether we are business women, Foundation school children, or those we serve. Let us not allow our expectations and presuppositions about the challenges to discourage us when God works His plan and not ours. We must remember what a privilege it is to be included in God’s work. How God uses each one of us to accomplish His will is often a mystery, and sometimes we do not get to reap the harvest. Yet, it is an honour to be called, regardless of the results. Let’s remain determined to serve.


Wamala Steven

Founder BLCDF