‘For God’s love compels us’. 2 Corinthians 5:14  

In Uganda, the education sector is constrained by many challenges. These include a high level of teacher and student absenteeism, weak school-level management structures, inadequate availability of learning materials, and large class sizes.

Child marriage, teenage pregnancy, abuse at schools and school fees keep many teens, especially girls, out of secondary schools. Costs associated with education account for 6 out of 10 children leaving school because families cannot afford the fees, and pregnancy accounts for 8% of girls who leave school. 

Children do not have access to basic education because of inequalities that originate in gender, health and cultural identity (ethnic origin, language, religion). Amongst other things, the lack of practical subjects, training, and the option for students to choose from more versatile subjects are the biggest issues and challenges in education today.

One way we can have the system improved is to establish more schools. Fortunately, with BLCDF, the changes are being witnessed in one rural area (Buikwe District) through the establishment of the Agape Star Christian School. Through you our supporters, friends and donors, we have been able to work on the school infrastructure and have recruited quality teachers. Our focus is to use teaching methods that bring results and academic success to our students, preparing them for the modern world of work. 

With BLCDF – ASCS, all our kindergarten and primary school children now have access to education and they will receive an education of good quality. They are empowered to make their own decisions, and BLCDF is there to support them. Thank you friends and family for all the support, LOVE and heart of generosity; in responding to this educational need. 

We are incredibly grateful for the education scholarship donors we have and we look forward to many more joining with BLCDF to ensure the Agape Star Christian School students can receive the education and care they need and they deserve: every child is a star in the eyes of the Lord. Please refer to this link: https://barnabaslegacy.org/education-scholarship-program/ 

He is our strength and hope like no other!


Steven Wamala Founder and CEO