Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.

Joshua 1:9. 

Over the months of September and October (and heading into mid-November) the Foundations’ annual Special Children’s Program has been running. The theme of the BLCDF Children’s Program in 2020 is COURAGE. Through learning about the life of DEBORAH, ESTHER, JONAH AND JOSHUA  in the Bible the children are growing in their understanding of what it means to be courageous in the Lord. The Program involves storytelling, mimes, dances, colouring sheets and songs. 

Due to COVID19 restrictions, the Program has been run in smaller groups across both Katunda Village and further remote Villages as well, where some of the BLCDF’s Care families are. The enthusiasm and excitement of the children has been incredible and the helpers and teachers have given their all to make this Program one that the children can learn and remember that in their God, they are strong and courageous; that they need not be afraid or dismayed because the Lord their God is with them always! 

It is a time of such joy to see the children growing in their faith and learning from a young age to lean on the Lord’s grace and faithfulness. As part of the Program, the children are learning hand movement scripture songs which they are going to perform, at small gatherings with their families and friends for a Thanksgiving/Christmas concert in early December. If you want to catch a glimpse from what the children have been practising, please be sure to check out BLCDF’s Youtube page for the video clips. 

We have a wonderful group of New Zealand women volunteers who are part of the Knitting 4 Katunda Kids Klub. In October, the first box of knitted goodies was sent to Uganda: beanies, babies tops, children’s toys and more. We are eagerly awaiting the box’s arrival in Uganda! If you are a keen knitter (or crocheter) please consider joining in:   

The items in the box will be part of the Christmas Care Packages that we will give to support as many of the BLCDF children as we can. If you would like to give a donation for these packages (food staples, soap, something a little special for Christmas, scripture bookmark), we would welcome your contribution. You are able to donate at the link: Please reference your donation: ‘Christmas Care Package.’

One of the challenges for Pastor Steven and his team in being able to make sure they are ensuring the support and welfare under the organisation’s care, is to be able to get to where the children are living with their Care Families. In October, a donor gave money to enable the purchase of a Motor Bike for BLCDF’s use. What a day of celebration that was! We thank God for His provision. 

Another project that has been taking place in this last Term of the school year, is the distribution of education packages to the BLCDF’s children; along with some tutoring assistance. Only some of the schools have opened, so for most of BLCDF’s children they are not getting the opportunity to attend school this term. It has been a huge undertaking to get scholastic materials and put in place a program and assistance to ensure the children can keep up with their learning, Pastor Steven and his team are doing a phenomenal job. 

Please pray for the BLCDF children that they would continue to grow in the ways of the Lord. Your PRAYERS are so vital to the work of the Foundation. We thank you for praying and we thank you for the way you give. To our God, and God alone, we give the honour, glory and praise.