When the foundation opened up its school in 2023, there were only 4 teachers, 64 children, no water tank, inside wasn’t painted, no compound grass and all the surrounding areas of the school were bushy, and so many other things now present were not in place. Today, we have all classes painted inside, and the foundation tries to cater for all children, and we are getting to a Scholarship capacity of over 30 children being supported by different donor families. 

We have a school anthem, our own composed school songs, water at school, with added numbers of children and desks for the school. Each term last year, we had a new development at school and in the lives of Deborah Women. We hope and are very optimistic that each year (starting with 2024, being our second year); we shall have an added structure at the school premises. 

We are currently praying for Dorms (and these will also be used as a child care centre at the school). A new class of students will also be added each year, as the youngest class moves up a grade level. In the next year, we believe, we will have 2 well-furnished dorms and we’ll be at capacity. And with that kind of growth in the next year, the number of other buildings on the school campus will have to grow as well. Not only will there be dorms to house our students, there will also be more classrooms, a new library, bigger kitchens, and one of the classrooms will act as a main hall/chapel for our learners as they will have doubled in size and numbers. There will also be a secondary school at our campus in the next two years.

So why are we taking the time now to look back and see how much we have grown? Because our second year of school has begun in power and clear organisation and all our children are in good health. We never knew we could reach this far. Come December of this year, we will have our second academic year completed! This may seem simple now, but at the beginning, it seemed like a very long and difficult journey ahead.

God leads the Israelites to an incredible victory in 1 Samuel 7, and in response, Samuel erects an Ebenezer stone meaning “the stone of help.” Samuel recognizes the source of their victory and publicly declares it. By commemorating God’s goodness in a permanent way, it ensured that the Israelites would not forget God’s grace.

And in a similar way now, we want to take the time now to remember how God has helped us. We want to think about all the prayers God has answered since the 15th day of June 2022 when we first broke the ground with the first brick being laid on this campus until now. All the impossible things that God has made possible. All of the growth and goodness, because of God’s provision. May we glorify God in our remembering, and keep in the front of our minds how far He has brought us, and how He will continue to guide us in the years to come. May we never forget His grace!

We are so excited to cheer on our supporters, and we give thanks to God for bringing us this far. What a joy it is to look back and remember!

For His Love Compels Us.

Thank you!

Wamala Steven

Founder BLCDF