“The Beauty of small Beginnings – Rising and Shining with a purpose”

Starting something new can be exciting. It can also be intimidating. While it could be nice to have a crystal ball to know how things will happen and when; the beauty isn’t always at the end – it starts at the beginning. We are just over a year in full operation and good things are happening.  In early July, we took part in making a harder decision of doing a fundraiser with the purpose of raising funds for the purchase of Phase one “AGAPE STAR SCHOOL” -BLCDF community school land. We continued in Faith, and made a first deposit and indeed God has been so Faithful in granting us breakthrough. We as of now can say “good things are happening” at BLCDF.

Throughout the lockdown situation months back – we have continually participated in a number of activities to help keep our children and women engaged and active. We have had a wonderful experience in carrying out the homeschooling and Children’s bible program. Our Homeschooling and Children’s Bible program curriculum and services encompass extraordinary depth and breadth. Not only do children receive academic and spiritual
learning; they also participate in numerous activities related to personal enrichment, the arts, and moral literacy. We train our children on how to Rise & Shine, above all difficulties and reach their God-given potentials. We never give up. We encourage others to do their best.

Our Guided Homeschooling & Bible program teaches kids to become independent, strategic readers with in-depth comprehension. Our community parents often get back to thank us for the difference they see in our learners’ performance. Homework Coaches assist with questions and problems and help our children review their completed assignments in Reading and Mathematics. 

We foster involvement in and commitment to children’s healthy development. Parents meet often and volunteers many times to offer services each time. We have done the carry home packages distributions and have had fun with grannies in the communities All of this work has helped shape a new story, a new beginning. Our purpose is all about stepping into a life of FAITH living and leading bravely and boldly. It’s about shining our light and shining light on others. It’s about seeing how we (you, me, us together) can RISE to the challenge and SHINE in the opportunity. A lot of good things are yet to be known.

At BLCDF, we are looking forward to seeing the beauty of this new beginning and hope you’ll join us on the journey to make the children’s and women’s world brighter.
Blessings xx

Steven – BLCDF Team