As Uganda grapples with the 2nd wave of the pandemic, the President made a national address on Wednesday 22nd of September 2021 re-opening places of worship after close to 3 months of total closure.

This week however, bears little excitement for all school going children as they are not going back NOT until early next year.

90% of the families we work with do not have access to online learning or the funds to purchase home learning materials. This is an education crisis.

The longer children stay home, the more likely they are to never return to school.

Lack of education is a key driver of poverty. To break this cycle, we need to make sure every child continues to learn in a safe and encouraging home environment; and as we plan a head of our Agape Star School – Phase 1 that will bring all of them in one place.

Last year, we supported all our children with Education home learning kits and guided parents and caregivers to encourage their children to maintain a regular learning schedule at home, while making sure they have enough food to stay healthy and a comfortable bed to sleep in to ensure they are well rested in order to learn effectively. A big thank you to our donors for that support that came in.

Last month, we still received support to continue facilitating the idea of home-schooling packs BUT this time under closer guidance by Volunteer Teachers at least once every Saturday for about 2-3 hours. We are planning to have this resume in Early October.

We have 264 children without any access to school or learning. Please help us visit each of these children and their families to make sure they are provided with care packages and home learning kits to keep children learning.

You can help. 

Visit to give a monthly gift to support children’s education not just today, but for the months/years to come. 

Become a FRIEND – $15US/month could pay for a visit from a fully trained volunteer teacher, equipped with the rightful skills, to assess the needs of the family and make sure a care plan is put in place.

Become a CHAMPION – $50US/month could pay for a volunteer teacher visit and provide home learning kits to a family with 3-4 children, including pens, crayons, activity and reading books.

Become a HERO – $100US/month could go towards our SCHOOL DEVELOPMENT FUND for establishment of a community school for our Foundation (Agape Star School), help in purchasing phase one of a school land, OR purchase food and health supplies to ensure the family has everything they need to stay safe, well and continue home learning.