Our Term 3 started on 18th September 2023, and by the end of week 3, attendance was up about 75%. All our BLCDF/ASCS school teachers reported back and normal learning resumed immediately. This is the final and shortest of the 3 terms that make up an academic year.

Beginning October 2, we are launching a month-long training in preparation for our first ever annual speech day, graduation day for K3 Children and a fundraising day at Agape Star Christian. 

As we do this, we are trying to develop new community friends to lock arms with! Would you join us in praying? It’s an audacious goal, but we trust God will move as He sees fit.

At BLCDF, we believe we all have a part to play, and each part is vitally important to keeping the mission moving forward. 

We believe in the little actions that contribute to the big picture. We think about how our little initiatives can affect the overall success of our projects, foundation aims, rather than focusing on the minors. 

We hope to have some local support from the event, and this will contribute to our vision’s achievements as the new academic year (2024) will yet be starting in late January.

Our party day will be on the 24th of November 2023. Our children will start their end of term 3 exams on 6th of November 2023 and will break off for Holidays on 28th of November 2023. 

We thank God for this year, He has been (and still is) FAITHFUL!! Thank you our supporters and well-wishers.

We started small in February 2023, with a foundation school and we cannot tell it all; of how the Lord has been there each day. With Mama Queen – Maree, family and friends, behind it all and with a very committed team of 7 school teachers, a cleaner, an askari (security personnel) and a school cook; everything has been running. 

By striving to achieve the best, we have ensured that we learn from our challenges and understand the connections between basic tasks and long term targets. We believe in creativity for better efficiency, and goals’ achievement. 

For God’s love compels us!

Wamala Steven

Founder BLCDF